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Technical Skills

Technical Skills and Proficiencies

A CV is a strange thing. It presents a list of what one has done, and what one knows, as though that was the end of the story; as though one is never going to do, or learn, anything new from now on. Yet I wasn't born knowing any of this stuff; I learned it along the way. Indeed, part of the delight of a career in technology is that it changes so fast; one must constantly learn new things to keep up to speed. I have no desire to limit myself to doing only what I have already done; I look forward to the new challenges that another company and a different environment will provide.

Still, I recognise that it can be helpful to know what a candidate already knows, to get an idea of potential learning curve. Trying to list technical skills on a CV is very difficult because of the extreme space limitations. Here I can be a bit more thorough.

This list may seem surprisingly long. This is what comes of spending years as a generalist in an IT department of two: when something needs to be done, one of you has to do it. I've been fortunate to be able to get involved with a lot of projects covering a wide span of topics. But I do have areas of particular concentration; I've indicated those in bold.


LAN/WAN design, capacity planning, implementation and management involving:

Workstation and Desktop Administration

Centralised and systematic management of workstation and application setup and configuration, including:


Enterprise and Internet email system design, implementation and management involving:

Programming and Data Manipulation

Internet and Web

Internet presence planning, implementation and management, including:

Desktop Operating Systems

Troubleshooting and management of:

Hardware and Accessories

Installation, upgrade and troubleshooting of many devices on workstations and servers, including:

Data Protection and Fault Tolerance

Data backup and protection strategies, including:

Remote Access


Although in these days of upgrades every six months, it's far more important to be comfortable with using an app I've never seen before (especially when users call for technical support on such an app). Therefore the first item on this list really should be...

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