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Technical Skills


IT Employment History

  • Haley & Aldrich, Inc., Boston, MA, USA (2002 - present). Shortly after the InterVoice GroupWise migration was complete, the company entered serious financial difficulties. At about the same time, I developed a troublesome RSI which made it difficult to sustain the commute. For these reasons, I chose to return to my former US employer and work remotely. (The RSI is under control and improving; however, to keep it from recurring, I prefer to control my computer by voice whenever possible. I'm doing it right now. It's surprisingly effective.)
  • InterVoice-Brite, Manchester, UK (2001 - 2002). InterVoice-Brite is the result of a merger several years ago. The IT operations are still largely separate. The former InterVoice offices are NetWare-based and use GroupWise; the former Brite offices were NT-based and used Exchange. My remit when hired was to incorporate the former Brite offices in the UK and Eastern Hemisphere into the corporate NetWare network and migrate all Exchange users to GroupWise.
  • Haley & Aldrich, Inc., Boston, MA, USA (1993 - 2001).

Accomplishments and Responsibilities


Below I have listed some of my accomplishments and responsibilities to date. You can click on any that interest you to find out more detail about what I have done, how I did it, and sometimes even why.

I've presented these not just as things I've done in the past, but as things I could do for your company today...

  • Design and start up a network for you.
  • Migrate your network from NetWare to NT, or from NT to NetWare.
  • Set up a company-wide email system for you, including Internet email.
  • Migrate your email system from Exchange to GroupWise.
  • Manage, maintain and upgrade your company's network and email infrastructure.
  • Establish centralised application delivery so that IT staff do not have to perform installations in person at workstations.
  • Perform company-wide application upgrades...overnight!
  • Plan, direct and perform all major upgrades.
  • Develop a comprehensive system of tools and templates that streamline production of all standard documents, contributing to profitability by dramatically reducing production time.
  • Eliminate support inefficiencies by establishing a centralised, company-wide Help Desk.
  • Simplified technical support by standardising your computing environment.
  • Plan and direct computer-related aspects of your office relocations.
  • Write (program) applications and utilities to meet your company and staff needs.
  • Write documentation, quick reference guides and handouts as necessary.
  • Write an introductory document for all new staff, to increase staff awareness (and use) of technological resources.
  • Resolve problems escalated by junior staff.
  • Develop procedures for, and direct the work of, junior staff.
  • Determine the company's direction in network, hardware and software technologies.
  • Proactively identify technological needs and propose appropriate, cost-effective solutions.

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