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New User Guide


I write instructions all the time. Here are some fairly representative samples.

Documentation of tasks, for IT staff use. Documentation like this is critical. With it, knowledge is shared. With the documentation in front of them, anyone in IT can perform the task. Also, knowledge is preserved. We don't have to scratch our heads and try to remember how we did it last time, six months ago.
  JetDirect Configuration (Acrobat; 17 KB) Steps IT staff must perform when setting up a new printer, in order to assign a NetWare print queue to it.
  Create a New User (Acrobat; 17 KB) Steps IT staff must perform to create an account for a new user.
Instructions for users. Brevity, accuracy and clarity are my goals when writing instructions for users. After all, it definitely won't help matters if the instructions themselves are difficult to understand!
  Norton Antivirus Installation (Acrobat; 9 KB) Steps a user must perform to install our antivirus software on a field computer (i.e. it's far away, and not connected to the network, so we can't install it for them).

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