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The content of this site, including all inaccuracies, typos, misspellings, and grammatical abominations, is entirely my own, and my responsibility.

Because the purpose of this site is to provide information about me at work, its content mostly talks about me, and good things I've done. I'm aware of this, but I can't avoid it and still provide useful information.

On the subject of grammar, you may notice that, throughout the site, I use "they" when I really mean "he or she". This is deliberate; I find the "he or she" construct awkward, especially if it has to occur several times in the same sentence. I'm not sure whether the fact that I'm doing it on purpose makes it better or worse.

British readers will probably notice what appear to be other consistent errors. Some, no doubt, really are errors, but many are the result of American English being slightly different from British English. I'm developing an awareness of those differences, but at the moment I still usually end up with something in between.

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