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or, Who Is This David Guy, Anyway?

OK, so he's mentioned a lot.

That's because we worked together closely for eight years, during five of which we were a department of two. Between us, we directed and shaped H&A's technological direction for a long time.

There are very few projects that either of us can point to and say that we did it entirely by ourselves. Brainstorming together, we were always greater than the sum of our parts. Whenever I thought I had something set up the best way it possibly could be, I'd show it to David, and he would immediately spot all the flaws and problems and inefficiencies. I'd cheerfully return the favour for his projects. The result? A product that was far better than either of us could achieve alone, with potential problems headed off at the pass before a single user was ever affected by them.

We were a very effective team. The combination of our differing perspectives, experience, and talents allowed us to tackle any task as a team with an almost automatic division of labour that maximised efficiency and results.

As the department added new people, we incorporated them into this team of ours. Each new person represented a mine of strengths and talents that we could make use of. I've been fortunate to be a member of this almost scarily excellent team.

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